Das Vorhaben Anfang gut, alles gut., initiiert von Nina Köller, Kerstin Stakemeier und Eva Birkenstock haben wir mit diversen Druckerzeugnissen unterstützt. Das erste Magazin enthält Beiträge zu »Pobeda nad solncem« (Sieg über die Sonne, 1913) von Thomas Baldischwyler, Mareike Bernien & Kerstin Schroedinger, Nine Budde, Ruth May, Avigail Moss, Peter Wächtler, Susanne M. Winterling u.a.
In dem Katalog ist auch unsere künstlerische Position zu dem Thema enthalten. Der Katalog ist im Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König erschienen.

Anfang gut, alles gut.
Beginning good. All good.?

The futurist opera »victory over the sun«, which was written and staged in 1913 in petersburg wanted to »establish a collective work on the basis of word, painting and music«. Those are the words of the opera’s authors, the painter kasimir malewitsch, the musician michail matjuschin and the poets Alexeij Krutschenych and Welimir Chlebnikov, who wanted to create an ›antiharmonious‹ work – against the spirit of their times.? In beginning good. All good, an actualization of »Pobeda nad solncem« (victory over the sun), will translate this programmatic on the basis of the historical text and documentation of its stagings and reception into the present. The project brings together about 40 artists, musicians, theoreticians and people from other disciplines in order realize the exhibition project in may 2011 – one year after the publishing of this issue. With the project we would like to dismantle the opera’s self-enclose form into those artistic fragments and traces, which seem to correspond with the present, to than reconstruct them as actualized reformulations. To make the pre-production visible, we will produce a series of three subsequent fanzines for may 2010, october 2010 and january 2011.

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